Accelerate clinical trials

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Our Services

Automated EDC population

Redundant data entry is a thing of the past with our API. We use eSource / EMR data to help sites automatically populate and check data in the EDC.

Real-time monitoring

Along with our EDC partners, we enable CRAs to actualize the promise of real-time monitoring. Say goodbye to travel delays and hello to remote SDV, adverse events, and anomaly detection.

How it Works


For CROs

Our goal is to use technology to accelerate clinical trials by automating CRF population and enabling real-time monitoring.

Our API allows sites to automate EMR/eSource data input into the EDC - actualizing the promise of real-time monitoring and fast, informed decision making.

And of course, we've ensured that clunky, expensive HL7 integrations are a thing of the past. Our lightweight API integrates seamlessly with your preferred EDC vendor, so you get to run your trials as you've always done - just a lot faster.